Sunday, 19 May 2013

Its all gone quiet...

Due to work being done on the house, specifically the room where I do my modelling I have'nt been able to get anything started or finished. The house will be a mess for a couple of months at least as the walls in the back room need skimming with plaster plus a new gas combi boiler is being installed in the back bedroom (I only live in a small house you see). Once that work is completed we then have to redecorate so...erm....yeah...loads of fun.
I did clear some space in the loft so when there's a lull in between bouts of stripping wallpaper, repointing exterior walls when it's not raining, removing skirting boards etc I'm hoping to do some paint spraying up there as the F-104C only needs another coat of matt varnish to get that near finishing and the French EBR-11 is up to the weathering stage. I recently discovered a Tamiya 1/48 Fw190F-8 that had been built but put away due to lack of interest so that was cleaned and then undercoated the other day plus I am itching to start the 1/35 Hobbyboss T-26 that I got for review last week. I would love to get something done as I need to put something new on the 580 Modellers table in time for Scale Model World at Telford and although November sounds a long way off at the time of writing it bloody well is'nt in modelling terms :o)