Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Meng T-90....oops!

You know when you get the feeling that you have missed something? Yep me too! After getting the T-90 painted and glossed I remembered the moulded headlight cables on the glacis plate that I had removed during the start of the build and WAS going to replace with 15 amp fuse wire...dammit;

Well I have just replaced the damn cabling but now I have to try and paint them to match the hull colours, although with the weathering process they should'nt look too out of place. I did keep some paints from the spraying session but these are probably dried out by now so I'll try to get a match with Vallejo acrylics.
I must admit the fuse wire certainly looks better than the moulded cabling, shame really that I forgot to put them on before painting. Oh well...

SS-23 Teaser part 2

This is as much as I'm doing with the missile bay so I'm going to undercoat that and the cab interior next;
Progress is painful but I have to fit stuff in around a full time job and DIY around the house

Saturday, 12 July 2014

SS-23 Teaser

I have'nt been able to do much for a while but I was able to get at the bench tonight so here's a shot of the SS-23 missile finished, I just have to build the rest of the vehicle now. Obviously I can't post too much as this is destined to go in Model Miltary International in the near future but I will show some stuff on the way;

So far so good but there are some areas that need improving. I would just like to say thank you to Trumpeter who announced a 1/35 injection moulded kit of the SS-23 a couple of days after I started this bastards! :o)