Thursday, 12 March 2015

SS-23- New windows going in

I DID IT! YAY! The new ones look a hell of a lot better than the original so I may extend my plan to the side windows. Now I just need to get all that resin dust and crap out of the cab...ooops! I'd better not use the Dyson as that would suck the interior out through the windows :o)

SS-23-The windows are coming out.

The windows in this kit have been bugging me ever since I glued them in as the clear styrene that Miniman supplied is thinner than paper, honestly it would have been better to use cellophane instead. It's been going around in my head about what to do and today I made the decision to make new ones from thicker Evergreen clear styrene. Also I put a frame around them using 1mm wide styrene strip to help with the location, the frames will be painted black before installation too.
I suppose I should have done it earlier in the build as I'm now in danger of pinging bits off to feed The Carpet Monster (tm) however the build has been a pain in the arse all the way so why stop now? :o)
Anyway an example of the front windscreens;

This is what they look like before the window fitters were called in. I did coat them in Johnsons Kleer but they still look crap. I'll see how the front windows work out first before doing the side windows.
Nothing ventured eh?

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

SS-23....well that was'nt supposed to happen!

Sh*t! I was removing the tissue paper from inside the cab this morning when I found the steering wheel and seat had come loose, stupid superglue. Talk about one step forward and two steps back...the steering wheel is'nt a problem but the seat will be fun to fix back into place and the only time in my life when I could do with a gynaecologist :o)

Oh well....