Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Meng T-90 update

I got a fair bit done last night on the T-90 although I could'nt decide on whether to mount the rear fuel tanks later on. That decision was made for me when cleaning up the four brackets that fit on the rear hull as I broke one;

In the instructions Meng show that you just cut off the bracket if you don't want the fuel tanks mounted however it's not that straightforward as you need to add some bolt heads in the corners of the square plate. Oddly Meng have represented these bolts as raised lines so these need to be removed top and bottom then bolt heads added from styrene sheet using a hexagonal punch and die set;

The headlights were a bit fiddly to put together and the guards would probably look better made from wire but I used the kit ones;

One thing to note (which I did'nt first time around) is the orientation of the etch screens on the rear engine deck. If you look carefully the spacing is slightly wider on the top row , something which I got wrong on the right screen but managed to lift and re-glue it last night;

That's it for now, hopefully I'll get some more done over the weekend as there is a public holiday here in the UK on monday.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

So where was I regarding the Meng T-90?

Ahhhhh yes aaaaaaaand we're back! :o)
The T-90 build stalled sometime in November when I lost my modelling mojo so I gave the hobby a rest and did other stuff for awhile (mainly playing guitar).
Anyway after seeing some great stuff on my other modelling friends Facebook pages, slooooowly the fingers have started itching to stick plastic bits together again and the first job is to pick up where I left off with the T-90;

So the upper hull has been glued on and just for this there are an amazing amount of parts, fortunately the fit is good although some of them are VERY tricky to clean up without breaking them specifically the fuel lines, front mud guard springs etc. Take note about the small lights on the rear hull (parts C41,C49 on the left, C40,C50 on the right) as the placement for the left ones in the instructions is wrong, they attach to the rear hull and not the fender as shown;

Well it's good to be back at the bench and hopefully I'll make some progress on this kit.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

This looks interesting?

This MIGHT just get me building again;

Bronco's Jeep with Brit Paratroopers. There's just something about this I really like, I can't explain it but my fingers are starting to itch to make a start on it. We'll see eh? Hopefully it will lift the Modellers Block I have at the moment.