Monday, 24 November 2014 lives!

I glued the suspension on today and fitted the wheels to see if I have a wonky model and I'm happy to report that only one of the wheels is a bit too high, that's why I did'nt glue the wishbones. There's still a fair bit to do but it finally feels like I'm on the home straight;
The wheels are still loose on the hubs and that's why they look out of line but I just needed to take this picture as a bit of a milestone, the 6" ruler gives a sense of scale and yes my bench is always a mess.
Chuffed as we Brits might say :o)

Friday, 21 November 2014

SS-23 suspension ready to fit

I've now got to the stage where I can fit the suspension units and HOPEFULLY the model will be straight and level on it's wheels. The next job will be to make steering linkages, air tanks and pipework for the braking system as these are missing from the kit. Here's a couple of pics of progress so far;

As you can see the yellow bits are the kit items, the white bits are ones I have had to make as they were missing from the kit. The wishbones remain workable to a point and will help getting the model level when I put it on it's wheels, after which they will be glued.
The pieces I made that hold the front wheel hubs on are not very pretty but they were tricky to make, besides which they will be hidden by the wheels.
Once the suspension is on the build will be more or less finished, the next fun job however will be to attach the ton of etch that comes with the kit.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

SS-23 ongoing

Well it looks like Miniman are not going to send the missing suspension parts (it's been nearly a month) so I've had to make my own as time is moving on;

Starting of with styrene sheet a 10mm x 20mm piece was cut out then cuts were made part way through either side and gently bent to make the shape. To get the width of material for the top and bottom three strips of 0.060 (1.25mm) styrene were glued together like a laminate and when fully cured the anchor points for the top and bottom were made.
These are still drying so when they are ready I will cut a hole in the middle for the axle to go through.
They are not the best but they are needed to fix the axle to the suspension assembly and will be mostly hidden by the wheels anyway. The next thing to make are eight suspension struts, add the missing steering linkages, air tanks for the brake system and associated cabling. This ain't going to be finished this side of xmas for definite.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

SS-23...First Blood

To the model anyway! Cleaning up the wheels and the knife slipped into my finger, luckily I had my first-aid kit handy;
Who needs plasters? Now on with the show! :o)