Monday, 25 February 2013

F-104 update

Finally for today (told you I had been busy) we've had a break in the weather (finally) so I've been able to get a primer coat on the F-104 at last using Halfords rattle can Plastic Primer. It still needs some bits filling in as Hasegawa saw fit to mould loads of rivets into the fuselage and wings and although I filled them in with Mr Surfacer some are still showing so it'll take longer to finish. Still it's getting there as they say :o)

Hobbyboss 1/35 French EBR-11 armoured car

This kit dropped through the door along with five others, again all for review and although French armour is'nt my area of interest I was putting the turret together for measurement purposes and before you knew it I had a half-built model on the bench (yes another one). Again Hobbyboss have done a decent job of it and obviously it will need tweaking but basically it's a good kit. Keep looking in Model Military International (possibly issue 85) for a full review in a couple of months time;

I've been busy

While waiting for a break in the UK weather so that I could undercoat the F-104C I started the Masterbox 1/35 kit of the Mercedes Type 170VK Radio Car;

I reviewed the kit for Model Military Int'l mag a couple of months ago and was quite taken with the model so I'm building it straight from the box. The only things I've added so far are a folded roof on the back from tissue paper, various grab handles from copper wire, and a new holder for the shovel on the front wing. I'll be making a cover for the windscreen from Milliput as the frame broke into a couple of pieces.
On the whole it's a nice little kit with good detail but talk about FRAGILE! Cutting parts off the sprues was 'interesting' to say the least and along with the windscreen I broke a couple of other bits too.