Friday, 15 January 2016

Italeri LMV Lince painted

The new year gets off to a slow start as I have real world stuff to do in the house, however during some down time in the hallway makeover I put some paint on the Italeri LMV;

The base coat was Tamiya XF-59 Desert Yellow with quite a lot of XF-2 White added. The brown was airbrushed free-hand with my 30 year old Badger 100 (yes a Badger airbrush people) and this was XF-10 Flat Brown with XF-1 Black added as looking at pictures of the real vehicle it's almost a chocolate colour. It's worth noting that I thin Tamiya paint with their own thinner these days but I also add a couple of drops of Winsor and Newton acrylic retarder as this *seems* to have cured my paint issues from last year (grainy/ rough finishes etc).
As the model was undercoated black I sprayed some AK Worn Effects chipping fluid to the door mirrors and snorkel tube from the engine prior to applying the final colours as again looking at the real vehicle these parts are black plastic that have been overpainted with the desert scheme and as a consequence have weathered quite badly. Once the scheme had been sprayed these bits were then attacked with a stiff brush and warm water to chip away the paint to leave a worn finish.
The model will receive a coat or two of gloss varnish prior to weathering but one problem to address is getting paint off the headlights as I forgot to mask these off......duh.....