Friday, 22 September 2017

Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk I

I removed the masking tape that was holding the model together and it looked like this;

The leading edges and roots look much better now. The gaps at the back where the sections were removed were filled and for this I used Milliput as you can smooth it out with water and it saves destroying any surface detail;

When the Milliput has set I still need to clean the joints but it's much better than when I first started. The joint between the nose and lower wing is greatly improved too and with a bit of luck all the joints will disappear under a coat of paint....I hope....

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk I

A couple of days ago I fitted the lower wing to the fuselage then the upper wings after some good advice from a modelling buddy and left it to set. Now I had heard that the wing roots could be a poor fit on some Airfix kits but not on others so guess who has the kit with the dodgy wing roots?

Now it might be my fault OR it could be a fault with the moulding but after my experiences with the Airfix Dakota wing roots my money would be on the moulding process. To me it *looks* like there has been some slight shrinkage around the curves of the inner lower wing, maybe being due to the part coming out of the tool too early (I saw this a lot in my time at a plastics factory).
Anyway this problem needs addressing so after a think and a cup of tea I decided to hack out a section either side of the lower wing;

These sections will be glued back in flush with the leading edges, at least this way the gap will be at the back and easier to fill without destroying any surface detail (that's the plan anyway).
This also gave me the opportunity to reset the joint between the lower wing and nose as there was a noticeable mismatch between the two, hopefully it will now be flush;

A bit of a setback but with a bit of luck I will be able to make the joints disappear, anyway this HAS to be better than what I started with.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk I

The cockpit is now painted so I was able to glue the fuselage together. When dry it will be filled and cleaned up before the lower wing with the cockpit assembly is fitted;

The seat belts are by HGW and they do look good however it is VERY easy to split them in two when threading them through the buckles and bending them to the contours of the seat. Next time I'll use two layers of masking tape cut into strips and then paint them, that way I won't have to try and colour match the belts like I did with these in places.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Life Miniatures German tank commander bust

While I was in an airbrushing mood I masked off the face of this bust and sprayed the hat with a matt varnish as you may remember the Vallejo paint dried with a sheen that just kills the look;

All I need to do is paint the panzer badge, add the headphones and I can call this bit done.

Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk 1

I sprayed the cockpit green/grey today using Tamiya XF-71 however I put some light grey and a lot of white in the mix as straight out of the jar the colour is too dark for RAF aircraft;

I probably could have gone even lighter as pin washes will darken the base colour but I'm happy with it. I'll get on with the detail painting later, add the seat belts and apply a pin wash then I can get the fuselage glued together.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Airfix Hurricane Mk I

After priming the interior with Vallejo Surface Primer I tried another new product from them for the cockpit, floor and wheel wells, this time it was their Metal Colour (77-701 aluminium).
Again I tried this on my test piece and straightaway it looked very promising so I sprayed it on the Hurricane. This stuff does not require any thinning as it will spray straight from the bottle and it covers very well, the only downside for me is that the tip of the needle clogged quite quickly but that's always been an issue with me and acrylics. Next time I'll use acrylic retardant to see if that helps, anyway here's what I got with using the paint;

The next job will be to mask off the fuselage framing and cockpit sides as these, the rear bulkhead and seat will be sprayed with Tamiya XF-71 Interior Green/Grey. When completely painted I will be fitting some HGW Model seat belts then the whole cockpit will be weathered with washes and dry brushing.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Prime time for the Takom Leopard and Airfix Hurricane

Now that the Leopard had dried out and the Hurricane is up to the stage of being painted internally I primed both models using Vallejo's black Surface Primer. It's the first time I've used this stuff on current projects as I've only done tests on an old model but I do like it, I usually use Games Workshop rattle cans for priming but as I have to use it outside I'm at the mercy of the British weather so to have a good primer I can use through an airbrush is a big bonus.
The only downside is that being acrylic based I found I had to clean the needle a couple of times due to the build up of paint and at one point I had to clean the airbrush out as paint was starting to block the nozzle, however I can live with that if it means I can get stuff primed quicker rather than having to wait for a break in the weather. Also I shall try it again with acrylic retardant to see it that makes a difference;

 Oh and the Vallejo primer doesn't smell bad either so it's pretty family-friendly.