Monday, 2 September 2019

ICM 1/35 Fordson WOT6 truck

I actually built this kit a couple of months ago but forgot to put a link to the build review I did for The Modelling News so here it is;

The Modelling News

In the review I couldn't understand why ICM had the starting handle attached to the front of the chassis plus it was too short. I extended it with 1mm dia. polystyrene rod, glued it into place and forgot all about until I visited the Shuttleworth Collection, Bedfordshire here in the UK a couple of weeks ago.
The collection has a Fordson WOT and while looking at it I noticed that the starting handle was attached to the front of the chassis so ICM had it right. The handle has a spring on the shaft so obviously you push the handle in, crank the engine and when it starts the handle disengages via the spring.
Obviously this needed attention on the model so I removed the handle, made a new shaft then using fine fuse wire (the 5 amp stuff) I wrapped it around the shaft then glued it all into place.
Not a big deal I know but it was bugging me that I made this error. Anyway here's the before and after pics

Just goes to show you learn something every day.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

It's been awhile....

Owing to a major change in my life I've been away from the model bench since December when the last post I made was about the Poste Militaire hussar.
In a nut shell I separated from my wife and moved into a new home along with my new partner so the model making had taken a back seat, however I was recently asked to do a build review for The Modelling News of the new ICM 1/35 British Fordson WOT 6 truck hence this post.
You'll be able to read more when I finish the build but so far it has been quite enjoyable with only a couple of minor issues to deal with.
This is where I am at so far;

This will be built straight out of the box to show what you get for your money

Friday, 7 December 2018

Poste Militaire 90mm trumpeter, 13th regiment of Hussars, Jerome Napoleon

The model is almost at the cleaning and priming stage as after some thought and research I managed to figure out where the reins go as the instructions are very poor. The head and pelisse have been mounted on brass rods so that they can be handled while painting, I just need to do the same for the horse and figure;

The horses tail needed some attention as the attachment point for when it came out of the mould left a blank spot so I used the end of an old compass to rescribe the detail;

As stated before figuring out the reins was difficult due to the poor instructions but with the help of a Histoire & Collections book about Officers and Soldiers of the French Hussars and some careful studying of the instructions I finally understood where the reins fitted;

This has been quite interesting to put together and I can see why my neighbour gave up on it as it is a pretty involved subject. You do have two options in the kit, one of them being a trooper carrying a carbine rifle but looking at the references the emblem on the sabretache is different so I've gone for the trumpeter.
I don't suppose it would be that hard to convert the sabretache but I'll stick with what is supplied.
After the horse and figure are mounted on brass rods I can give the model a clean then when dry get a primer coat on it. Even when partially assembled this is quite an impressive piece, measuring some 7 inches (18cm) in height;

I'm quite looking forward to painting this one!

Edit; I was wondering how to fix the horse to something so that I could paint it when I remembered this stand I bought from Jon Page at Sphere Products a couple of years ago;


Saturday, 1 December 2018

Poste Militaire 90mm trumpeter, 13th regiment of Hussars, Jerome Napoleon

I was given this kit a few years ago as a neighbour of mine was having a clear out and was going to throw it away.
He asked me if I wanted it and of course I said yes and gave it a new home.
A couple of weeks ago during the process of moving out of my home of 31 years due to a separation with my wife, I was having a sort out myself when I found this kit in the stash and decided that once I had settled into my new place I would give it a go.
Anyhow I've been messing around with it, most of my time being spent trying to understand the photocopied instructions but this is where I am at the moment (the horse had been assembled by my neighbour). It's coming together VERY slowly and will be a long term project.

In the second pic I filled the joint on the saddle with Revell model filler then dabbed it with liquid glue to try and blend it into the detail. 
Quite how far I will get with it is another matter as it will be a long term project that I will come back to. Considering the age of the kit (1984) the metal is in good condition with no sign of the 'pitting' that you can get with white metal. 

Monday, 12 November 2018

Life Miniatures WW2 German King Tiger Commander

After the recent Scale Model Challenge show in Eindhoven I was inspired to start painting this bust again seeing that I hadn't touched it for nearly a year.
I finished the head (apart from the cables for the throat mic and headphones) and have started on the rest of the bust, beginning with the shirt and Iron Cross.

I'm quite happy with the results so far!

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Scale Model Challenge, Eindhoven 2018

Over the weekend of 19th to the 21st of October my good friend Malc Ireson and me visited this show for the first time after a few model making buddies recommended it.
We flew into Eindhoven airport Friday evening, had an evening meal then spent some time in the bar chatting with other modelmakers.
The show was held within the hotel so we both wondered just how big it would be as in the UK conference and events rooms tend to be just that, a large function room. However when we went down to the show Saturday morning it was "WOW this place is BIG"! We had only just walked in and it was "WOW the quality of work"!!
Saturday was mainly spent soaking up the atmosphere, looking at the trade and club stands but mostly meeting and chatting to SO many of my Facebook friends, most of whom I met for the very first time. Sunday was pretty much the same but we both got to see the competition area and OMFG the quality REALLY was something else! So much so I felt like throwing all my work into the rubbish bin.
All too soon though the show was over and the morning after having to travel home we were both feeling glum.
I haven't enjoyed a model show for a while now and although quite a few modelling buddies recommended SMC I wasn't sure whether to go but I'm REALLY glad that I did as I REALLY enjoyed the show, the friendly atmosphere and got to meet so many friends and make new ones.
If you only go to one show next year make it this one!

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Takom 1/35 Bergepanther build complete

I've finished the build of the Bergepanther, part two of the write up should be appearing on The Modelling News at some point along with part one when it is published.
As it was for review I'll leave the bulk of that for the articles, however I CAN say that this was a great kit and very enjoyable to build due to the good fit of parts.
The interior was complicated but if you follow part one when it is published it will give you a better idea on how to do it, don't let it put you off. Also you can simplify the engine bay as a LOT will be hidden unless you leave the engine access hatch off completely.
Anyway here's a couple of pics to be going on with;

It's a good one. Go buy it!