Thursday, 11 June 2020

Time for a new home.....

Recently Blogger announced changes to the way the blogs will work in the future. There is an option to try the 'new blogger' which I did but thought it was'nt very intuitive so reverted to the old layout.
Unfortunately the new layout will become standard after July of this year so it's time to move. Also after researching Blogger it appears your content is not your own and Blogger (or Google who own Blogger) can delete it without warning which I found unnerving, especially with nine years worth of content.
The new blog is on Wordpress so if you want to keep following me I'll be over here;

The new blog is live but I'm still finding my way around it, however the fact I am able to do so tells me it is a bit more 'user-friendly' than the new-look Blogger (to this old fart anyway) and after nine years it's overdue for a makeover.

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