Friday, 13 June 2014

Meng T-90 camo finished

The camouflage pattern has been applied, more or less to the instructions so now it needs a coat of gloss varnish before the weathering. To recap the paints used were Tamiya with the base coat being a 50/50 mix of XF-61 Dark Green and XF-67 Nato Green, the sand was a XF-57 Buff with some XF-2 White thrown in and the black was a 2:1 mix of XF-1 Black and XF-69 Nato Black. A final touch up of the base coat was done to get rid of any overspray;

Coming along nicely I think!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


While the T-90 was drying I was itching to start another project so after a fairly involved build you would have thought I'd have picked something easy to throw together, which is what I WAS considering but then I got this out of the stash;

It's rather large and made of resin so LOADS of sanding required. Considering it's a resin kit it's going fairly well at the moment;

Detail is pretty good and as you would expect there are some issues to deal with because of the nature of resin but in the whole it's quite an impressive kit. I won't be posting many progress pics as this model will feature in a future edition of Model Military Int'l but I will throw in a few teasers now and again :o)

Meng T-90-Paints on!

I managed to finally get some paint on the model after priming it last week. The base coat is a 50/50 mix of (rather ironically)  XF-67 Nato Green and XF-61 Dark Green and the sand camouflage is XF-57 Buff with some XF-2 White thrown in. The sand looks patchy because I have'nt finished it yet (I just ran out of time tonight and back to work in the morning) plus it was a bugger to get through the airbrush, even with acrylic retarder AND flow improver. I would much prefer to use enamel for this job but it would just get stripped off during the weathering later on.

The wheel mask that came with the kit is very useful by the way :o)
Anyway when I get some spare time in between work and household DIY I'll try and get the camo finished.