Monday, 25 February 2013

I've been busy

While waiting for a break in the UK weather so that I could undercoat the F-104C I started the Masterbox 1/35 kit of the Mercedes Type 170VK Radio Car;

I reviewed the kit for Model Military Int'l mag a couple of months ago and was quite taken with the model so I'm building it straight from the box. The only things I've added so far are a folded roof on the back from tissue paper, various grab handles from copper wire, and a new holder for the shovel on the front wing. I'll be making a cover for the windscreen from Milliput as the frame broke into a couple of pieces.
On the whole it's a nice little kit with good detail but talk about FRAGILE! Cutting parts off the sprues was 'interesting' to say the least and along with the windscreen I broke a couple of other bits too.

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