Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tristar Storch update + Hasegawa P-51D pulled from the Shelf of Doom

So this is where I am with the Storch, just the wings to fit then I can give it a wash and paint;
It's essential that you coat the canopy with Johnsons Klear or similar as you will have to use cyano to fix the canopy and the undercarriage struts, The cyano will fog clear plastic otherwise.
Also while I'm on a roll I've restarted this Hasegawa P-51D;

The cockpit was painted and fitted last night and the fuselage glued together (hence the masking tape everywhere). To be honest the fit of the wings is superb and no filler will be required, which is surprising cos I cut out the flaps :o)
I'm building it as an early one so I've had to hack the fillet from the front of the fin and there will definitely be some filler required.


  1. Storch looks cool, I have it in my stash waiting :) Which scheme you will paint?

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for your comment! :o)
    I'm painting it in the green splinter scheme with blue undersides. Not very original but there are'nt any alternative decal sheets for this in 1/35 :o)
    The model has been washed down in preparation so hopefully I'll get some paint on it this week.

    1. I plan to finish mine as the boxart plane.