Monday, 20 August 2012

Sturmtiger built

Here's a look before it's washed down then painted. Built straight out of the box, the only exception being the tracks (which are by AFV Club), the wooden block for the jack, fuse wire for grab handles and the zimmerit. I did expect a load of trouble with this kit but it was'nt that bad, just some omissions in the instructions such as the cable reel on the winch.
I did make a couple of minor changes such as the front and rear hull tow hook locations as AFV Club used the hull from their late production Tiger andSturmtigers were based on mid-production models. The brackets for the jack were made from brass strip as the position of the jack was turned 90 degrees on the Sturmtiger, also a wooden jack block was added as to the rear hull as AFV Club missed it off all together.
So with a bit of luck it'll be finished in time to put it on the 580 Modellers table at Telford in november, maybe with a 1/35 Storch too....MAYBE even a 1/48 Ju87 which is next on the list.

You can see in the 2nd picture where I altered the brackets for the towing lugs. I normally glue the tracks to the wheels but as the tracks are a 'workable' type I can paint them seperately and fit them later

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