Wednesday, 9 January 2013

H/gawa 1/48 Ju-87B update

I spent most of yesterday evening masking off the undersides to prepare it for the top side colour which from previous experience takes me a good couple of hours. Anyway I started spraying the lighter green after the other half had gone to bed (I'm working night shift this week so I stay up VERY late the night before) and basically I was done in under an hour. Wow!
So after a bit of a think I thought I'd risk masking off the model for the darker green and fortunately I got it all done AND sprayed by Unbelievable! (for me anyway). Here's where it was at 02.00am with the camo pattern masked;

And what I ended up with at 04.00;

It just needs a yellow ID band around the fuselage (and maybe under the wingtips) and then a coat of gloss for the decals. Once these are on I can start applying the winter white finish which will be done using either hairspray or the new Mig stuff.

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