Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Hobbyboss 1/35 T-26

I received this kit for review a couple of months ago and I was quite taken with it so instead of it ending up in the stash I've made a start on it, mainly because it's small and I'm working in an area the size of fold-up camping table.
It's going well so far but OMFG those tracks!!! The track links are VERY small and Hobbyboss will have you fix them together with two VERY tiny pins either side, so having spent the best part of two evenings to put them together and watching them fall apart every time I moved them I've glued them all together and also glued them around the drive sprocket and rear idler with the track pins going in last. They are not glued to the return rollers or road wheels so hopefully I'll be able to remove the tracks for painting meanwhile I'm leaving them for a good couple of days to set, also I've used CA glue to add some strength in places as they can still come apart very easily. Apart from that it's a lovely little model :o)
I did say to myself this would be an OOB build but I am weighing up adding an interior as I have some reference for it via the WWP book, it depends on how the build progresses and my boredom threshold :o).

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