Tuesday, 16 September 2014

SS-23 teaser pic number 3 (I think)

I bet you thought I'd forgotten all about this one did'nt you?

After a LOT of fettling and sanding the basic hull is all together so it's onto the wheels and suspension when I've finished filling some HUGE gaps. I don't know whether it's my fault or the fact it's just one-of-those-things with resin kits but anyway I've got this far :o)

Of course by the time I've built this model Trumpeter would have released theirs....in fact there will probably LOADS built before I'm done with this. I can't wait to get an injection-moulded kit on the bench next lol


  1. Hi

    Very nice model. I own the same also with many faults and large lack of resin in the body. I think trying to mount it also quickly before leaving the plastic kit.
    Good luck for the future.


    1. Yes indeed it's proving 'fun' to put together :o)