Thursday, 26 February 2015

Figure painting practice

I picked up these 200mm heads from Mitches Military Models at the Crewe model show (22nd Feb) for a fiver as I thought they would be ideal for practising face painting without buggering up an expensive figure;

I also picked up this;

When I get a bit of time I shall have a play with them as they seem to look better than the Andrea Flesh set (the figure on the front of the Andrea packet seems a funny colour LOL).
The heads are quite nicely moulded and for £5 I can class them as a bargain. I do have a 120mm British Para by Mitches Military Models but the head was'nt brilliant so I got in touch and got 4 replacements for £5 which were much better and will make my figure look a bit different. MMM do some nice stuff and can be found here;
Mitches Military Models
The clamp the heads are in was also purchased at the show from Sphere Products. I actually bought it for a long term project which is a Poste Militaire 90mm mounted French Hussar as the kit is white metal and the horse alone will need a sturdy holder as it is quite heavy. The clamp itself is rather good and goes together easily enough, I just needed to file the location holes for the nuts as they are VERY tight. I bought the taller clamp as it includes the shorter one so I can interchange them to suit. Sphere Products can be found here;
Sphere Products
By the way I got the paint from Steve K Miniatures and he's a great guy to deal with;
Steve K Miniatures
Anyway back to the SS-23 :o)

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