Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Winter projects

The bench is clear and tidy so I feel the need to clutter it up again and I'm looking at doing these three over the winter;

The LAV will be pretty much over a longer term as it's got one or two goodies with it;

It's a bit of an international kit this one as the Voyager etch set came from Switzerland, the Voyager IED jammer came all the way from Hong Kong and a metal barrel is on its way from Poland, the Blast set of wheels and Black Dog update set came with the kit (I traded it for a Dragon Jagdtiger).
Of course all these plans will probably change but I sort of got bitten by the 'speed-building' bug as I recently put together a Revell GTK Boxer ambulance as a build review for Model Military Int'l magazine and for the first time since I was a kid I managed to nail a kit together in five days (I did'nt paint it though). It's not pretty as I really did throw it together but it's proved to myself that I do'nt have to take two months just to open the box and glue a couple of parts together.
Out of interest here's that Revell Boxer;
If you want to see more it's scheduled to appear in issue 119 of Model Military Int'l magazine (probably February 2016) so you can read all about it then.


  1. I hope to see your LAV very soon ! I stay tuned about your next posts.

    1. Merci Alain! I hope to make a start on it soon :o)