Friday, 18 December 2015

Another from the Shelf-of-Doom; Dragon King Tiger

I was having a look through the stash for something and I found this that I had started about five years ago or more and got totally bored with. It was Dragon's first King Tiger with the zimmerit moulded on that Spud Murphy (the then editor of Model Military Int'l) gave me at a model show.
It's a decent kit as it had all the etch stuff, individual track links, metal tow cables and brass shells, something that you don't get in Dragon kits these days. The reason I got bored with it is because it's not clear what bits you need for a particular KT as there are a lot of parts in the box and depending on which vehicle you are modelling a lot of research was needed to see which bits went on or were left off. Also this was Dragon's first attempt at moulded on zimmerit and apart from being a bit too deep you had to smooth out the surfaces where the tool clamps and exhausts fitted, otherwise they just sat on top of the zimm.
So with all that I put it back in the box then two days ago when I rediscovered the kit I figured that I would just build the damned thing as most of the work had been done, besides which nothing says Merry Christmas quite like a King Tiger tank :o)
I'll get the sucker washed down and painted soon-ish.

It's not going to be entirely accurate but who cares, it was fun to finally nail it together.

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