Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Accurate Armour Humber Scout Car

I got this when it was recently re-released by Accurate Armour so because it's only little I've decided to put it together. Not as easy as you think as the instructions are pretty naff as to where things go so if you are attempting to build this as well here's some photographs of the build so far that you may find useful;

 This is where the bump stops (part 5) live either side of the drive shaft on the front suspension;
 The rear suspension springs have a lug on one end that needs removing to fit into a slot underneath the body;
 The two small shock absorbers (Part 7) are attached on both sides as shown here;

To attach the link arms (Parts 35 and 36) I found it easier to the smaller 'S' shape piece to the shock absorber first then align the other part that joins to the axle;
 The completed lower rear hull;
Theoretically the assembly time should be quite short as after this stage the amount of parts left is very little and it *should* be up to the painting stage pretty quickly but I've been here before.
I wanted to do the Bronco Humber but that has been difficult to get hold of so as soon as AA announced the re-release I bought the kit. The downside is that I had to find a decal sheet as there is'nt one supplied in the kit and there is no interior detail, just two square holes in the top of the hull also I believe Bronco are reissuing their kit with a crew so I may get another Humber in the future.
For reference I used an article by Sean Emmot on the Military Modelling website as he made a lovely job of his AA kit.

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