Monday, 15 May 2017

1946 Flak bunker

You may recall I built a '1946/ what-if/ paper panzer' of a radar turret on top of a Trumpeter E-50 chassis a while back. Anyway the base kit was the flak-panzer version and with using the Paper Panzer Productions Heimdall turret this meant the kit item was destined to go in the spares box, however I got thinking as to how I could use this turret for something else.
It was taken back out of the spares box and I had a play around with it on the bench wondering what to do. I thought the gun sight on the top was a bit naff so I blanked off the hole using styrene sheet and added some bolt heads for a start, this then lead to thinking how the guns would be aimed so after drilling holes I stuck some tubes on either side like those seen on the Heimdall turret.
In the kit is a periscope type sight so this was attached to the inside to act as a gun sight, the turret interior was then further detailed with gun breeches, a seat for the gunner, a turret traverse gear and pedals for the gunner with some personal equipment and an MP44 with ammo pouches fixed to the interior walls. While I was at it I ordered some shiny new gun barrels from RB Models too.
I was stuck on what to mount the turret on and one idea was to get an armoured train car but seeing that this little project was in danger of snowballing out of control I decided on a bunker instead so after drawing a few ideas I cut 0.030" styrene sheet into the various parts and glued it all together and here's where it is so far;

Totally insane! I was only going to stick the turret together for a laugh but of course one thing leads to another does'nt it..... at least with these things it gets your imagination working as you can do anything you like within the 'what-if' genre.

Edit; I was thinking about this again and decided it needs a rear entrance (ooh Matron!) so I made one;

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