Saturday, 8 July 2017

Takom Leopard C2

After hunting around the net for ideas about anti-slip textures I was pointed in the direction of these products;

Using a Revell Boxer as a test bed I sprayed each side with the colours. The results are pretty good to be fair, the Terra Cotta being a finer texture which is ideal for the turret and tops of the rear stowage basket with the bronze colour a heavier texture.

Looking at the reference pictures on Prime Portal the anti-slip texture on the lids of the rear stowage basket does not go right up to the edge so to attempt to replicate this I cut masking tape into thin strips and just followed the outline around the hatches and hinges. The rest was filled in using masking fluid which also helped with the arc-like areas on one side of the hatches;
This will be sprayed sometime later tonight or tomorrow. I masked the front fenders earlier this afternoon and gave them two coats of the coarser paint;

I'm quite pleased with how these have turned out and they should look good under paint. 

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