Monday, 15 April 2013

Hasegawa 1/48 Ju87B update

I dragged this from the Shelf of Doom (tm) the other day with a view to getting it finished so I masked off the underside then gave it a couple of coats of AK Interactive Worn Effects fluid quickly followed by matt white Mr Hobby acrylic paint. Using a cheap stiff paint brush dipped in warm water the white paint was scrubbed off to reveal the green camouflage to try and achieve a worn winter finish.
Fast forward to tonight and using Mig Productions Dark Wash, this stuff was run into all the panels lines top and bottom with any excess washed off with a clean brush dipped in B&Q's own brand white spirit. The excess was also brushed in the direction of air flow with added streaks aft of the engine cowling to simulate oil stains.

Next thing to do is the exhaust stains on the fuselage sides and maybe I can get it finished :o)

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