Friday, 5 April 2013

Starfighter painting started

YAY! I've managed to get some paint on it the other day starting with light grey for the underside and I've just finished masking it off today so that I can do the upper surface colours. The paints being used for this model will all be from the Mr Hobby range but what exactly I'll use for varnish is another thing as I still had problems with the stuff frosting.
The favourite at the moment is Winsor and Newton with matt and gloss from the Galeria acrylic range although I will be doing some tests first on an old model. The matt varnish needs a couple of coats and works well but I've yet to try the gloss, having said that I received a bottle of the new Humbrol Clear varnish for review (which is VERY similar to Johnsons Kleer) and initial tests with that were very good.

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