Saturday, 19 October 2013

Meanwhile back to the T-26...

I've masked off the areas ready for the Nationalist markings on this model and as white is on the turret top I'll spray it on the turret and hull sides for the red and yellow stripes as it will act as an undercoat.
Hobbyboss only supply decals for the hull sides and it will be virtually impossible to match the colours on them with the turret so I may as well paint these at the same time.
I'll be using Humbrol acrylic white number 34 as it's FAR easier to spray than Tamiya XF-2 white, I usually have a LOT of hassle getting the stuff through the airbrush yet other Tamiya colours are fine to use. Odd!

Edit; I used Mr Hobby Aqueous white instead as the Humbrol was very poor covering. Funny really as it did the job on my Ju87B in winter camo...f*****g acrylic have to be some sort of alchemist to make them work (a drop of flow improver here, two drops of retardent there, eye of newt and wing of bat etc etc etc)

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