Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Meng 1/35 T-90

I made a start on the model last week and so far so good, the fit of parts up to this point has been very good
although I can't help think the torsion bars won't stand up to much stress due to the fairly soft plastic;

The tracks are next to put together and apparently they are a REAL chore to assemble according to some who have built the model so we'll see how it goes.


  1. I compare with Zvezda Т-90 kit that was builded by me in last year. There were no problems with fixing torsion bars.
    Keep watching your building T-90 with great interest.
    Happy modelling!

  2. I hope to see the next stages. The T-90 in one of my favorite modern armor and I've planned to build this Mend kit so I'll follow your post with a great interest. Happy modeling !

  3. Many thanks guys for your comments :o)
    Hopefully I can get some more done to it when I'm on my next days off and inbetween spraying a Tamiya Fw190F-8.