Monday, 12 May 2014

Meng T-90 build update 12/5/14

I've stuck some more bits on the turret and again the fit of parts is good although as well as using liquid glue to fix things in place I backed it up with cyano to give some strength to the joins, particularly where the Shtora devices are fixed to the turret sides. Also you have to be careful to get them aligned as they can droop leaving a dinstinctly 'cock-eyed' look, fortunately they are square on my model;

With the Shtora boxes fitted this tank just reminds me of 'Johnny-Five' from the film 'Short Circuit' :o)

 The outer lenses were painted with Vallejo red and the smaller dot in the middle with a black/red mix, maybe I should have used an orange/red mix for the outer lenses....oh well. Before painting the lenses needed some filing as they are fractionally too big for where they fit also the boxes needed filing too as there was quite a noticable gap when fitting parts G7 to G12.
Part A31 needed some material removing from the inside lip on one side as it would'nt sit over the clear lens properly.
The smoke dischargers could do with replacing as I don't think they are particulary good also it's worth noting that after I cleaned up the stowage bin, after checking photographic reference from Prime Portal there are actual weld beads around the bin where the kit parts join together so I shall add these at some point.
The snorkel tube will probably be replaced with 5mm dia brass tube too.

That's all for now folks!

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