Saturday, 3 May 2014

Meng T-90 update 3/5/14

I fixed the side skirts to the hull last night and I don't know whether it was me but the fit was'nt the best and I've been left with quite a large gap on the right side. Also there are gaps between the front mudguards and where they join the skirts;

Bugger! To fill the gaps I'll run a thin bead of Milliput into them and smooth it out with water, that way I won't destroy any surface detail which would happen using model filler. The skirts are securely fixed using liquid glue at first then cyano so the joints should'nt open up and crack the Milliput.
Other than that the fit of parts has been very good so far, MAYBE I'll get to make a start on the turret this weekend as the hull has felt never ending. Still I'm getting my monies worth with this kit :o)

Edit: D'OH!! Forget what I said about filling the gap along the top of the side skirts where it joins the hull, I've just looked at photo's of the real thing via a walkaround on Prime portal and there IS a gap. Luckily I checked before filling them in :o)
By the way here's a photo from Primeportal that shows the gap.

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