Monday, 6 October 2014

Luchs update

One thing I noticed about this kit is the lack of a tow cable. On the rear engine deck Tasca have provided the five clamps for one but not the cable so after a rummaging through the spares box and coming up with nothing I made my own using fine nylon thread and some 1mm dia. styrene rod drilled out for the thread to go through.
I estimated a length of 150mm for the cable and if anything it was a little too long but it's staying put. The clamps all face inward but I will carefully twist a couple around to avoid a uniform look.

One thing I am trying to avoid is getting too bogged down in research and super detailing as it can kill a little project like this stone dead but (there is ALWAYS a but) I do have some good references available such as Achtung Panzer No.6 and Panzers at Saumur No.1 and it seems a shame not to use them.

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