Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Albatros DIII update

Wow two updates in one day!
Anyway I received the decal sheet for the Albatros so I've masked off the model (again);

It's also given me an opportunity to fix a couple of areas that were a bit rough after the first go at painting and only showed up at the finishing stage;

The tailplane issue was caused by spraying Tamiya acrylic at too low a pressure making it look as though it had been sprayed with textured paint, the upper wing had a flaw in the primer coat that I had missed.
The colour scheme will be Werner Voss's machine (the bottom one) although it was just coincidental (honest) that an Eduard Albatros D.Va arrived the other day that would just happen to fit the colour scheme at the top;

Funny that? ;o)

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