Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Meng T-90; First post for 2015

Here we go with 2015 and I wish you all a Happy New Year.
Well...it WAS nearly finished but the issue with the colour on the right front fender was bothering me too much sooooo here's how it looked;

Even after trying to hide it with the weathering it only seemed to make it worse so bugger it I resprayed the area;

NOW it looks worse :o) This is actually the original sand colour that I mixed so it's a good example of how colours change during the weathering process and why I'm not that hung up on getting the EXACT shade of paint, near enough works for me.
I shall re-apply all the pigments, washes etc until it blends in again with the rest of the hull however I'll avoid the oil paints this time as that is what caused the problem in the first place. The oil paint dotting technique can be very effective but as I have learnt you need to choose the colours wisely, especially over light coloured areas such as this.
I'll post some pictures up later on as this bit gets attention, unless of course it all goes horribly wrong in which case you can look for it on the nearest landfill site :o)  


  1. It's always difficult to make paint corrections after weathering and I understand your problem. I hope you'll make the new paint and weathering like you want and without too much differences with the very nice camo you made. Good success Andy.

  2. Bonjour Alain! Merci/ thank you for taking the time to comment. Hopefully it will work out (fingers crossed) :o)