Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Meng T-90- Close but no cigar for 2014

Well I NEARLY got something finished for 2014 lol! At least the T-90 now has the tracks on and just needs a few things doing here and there and then I can call it done;

I hope that the photo's I've posted have been of help to others building the Meng T-90, obviously there are other modelsout there that are WAAAAAY better than mine but I'm quite pleased with it. The ONLY thing I'm not happy about is the right fender colour where I changed the tone with oil paint, I was hoping the weathering would either lighten it or hide but it did'nt.  Never mind!
I'm not planning on anything for 2015 really, I just tend to pick stuff that catches my eye and probably why I have a loft full of kits :o)
I have a new decal sheet for the Albatros and the SS-23 build is almost complete so there's at least two definites for the new year, anyway Happy New Year to everybody that has looked in on my blog and see you in 2015


  1. A very nice job on this T-90, a very nice camo and a very natural looking weathering.
    All the best for 2015 and a lot of models to build ;-)

  2. Merci Alain! A very Happy New Year to you