Thursday, 18 December 2014

With 13 days to go until 2015....

It's become painfully obvious that I have not finished a THING this year, in fact the last model I did finish was back in November 2013 (the Spanish Civil War T-26). This has been due mainly to work being done on the house, full time employment and random bouts of apathy, so in a (quite probably futile) attempt to actually complete something for the year I've pulled this off the Shelf-of-Doom;

It's an Eduard Albatross DIII (O.A.W) that I actually started a couple of years ago. I dug it out earlier this year and got as far as the wood-graining on the fuselage then had to leave it to dry (oil paint over an acrylic base) and of course I forgot about it again. Anyway I started masking it off last night and will hopefully get some paint on it this week (don't hold your breath though).
Alongside this the Meng T-90 is also lurking as it just needs the weathering doing so maybe I'll get around to finishing that too as the SS-23 is becoming a chore although the build is close to completion.

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