Sunday, 19 April 2015

Something different.

I picked up this set of Masterbox figures as the concept intrigued me;

But opening the box the faces on the zombies were not exactly expressions of 'scary, angry and likely to rip your face off' monsters but more like slightly miffed with a hint of tetchiness. Also it would have been nice if Masterbox had included a motorbike considering they do have WW2 German jobbies as featured on the box in their catalogue.
                                           "Excuse me,EXCUSE ME! You left your wallet"

                                                             "Oh my that smells AWFUL"

                                                     "Yes I believe I was sitting here first"

ANYWAY I like the female bike rider so I'm going to stick her together along with the motorbike from Tamiya's JGSDF Motorcycle Recon set and see if I can do something with the zombie figures to make them look better. I do have a plan for a small vignette but don't hold your breath as my plans usually fall by the wayside as I have hundreds of other things going around in my head. It keeps me sane I suppose :o)


  1. Hi Andy!
    I see that there will be hemoglobin in the area LOL! LOL! LOL§
    A project that will be interesting to follow! I'm not not one but Mad Movie changes a can!
    The mod you want to do with a more modern bike will I find better
    Then! Good luck my friend and a very good fitting !!
    friendly Gege