Wednesday, 1 April 2015

SS-23...Construction complete!

I've bloody well done it! It's only a record shot but I just HAD to share this one as this thing has been on the bench since May 2014. I never thought I would get this far as it has been a 'challenging' build to say the least and many times I've just wanted to put it back in the box and forget about it. Lots of setbacks with this one and even today when I knew I was about to wrap it up I managed to drop the missile on a tiled floor while transporting my portable work surface from one room to another and broke off the guidance vanes, the lower half of the missile body and the tip of the nose cone.
Anyway it gave me a chance to rework the vanes and how they attach to the arse end of the missile so it worked out well in the end plus thanks to my Mrs who found the tip of the missile some yards away from 'ground zero'.
The model needs a REALLY good clean to remove nearly 12 months worth of kak, resin dust and greasy paw prints and a few gaps filling but the main thing is it's finally built. YAY for me! :o)
The 12 inch (or 305cm) ruler gives an indication of just how big the model is.


  1. Very nice work on the SS-23 !!!!!

  2. Thank you gentlemen! It's been a while but I got there in the end :o)

  3. Time is a essential factor in a beautiful building, the proof did with
    your model that is perfect!