Saturday, 2 May 2015

Masterbox Zombies (pt4)

I've got this far with the bike and rider figure;

 And this is what one of the heads of a zombie looks like before and after;


The plastic Masterbox has used is pretty soft and hard to work with but I think what I have done so far improves the facial features. It's not done yet as I may shave a section of hair off and looking at the close-up pic it needs some cleaning up.
Regarding the bike rider the long coat tails were glued into place on the figure but I could not get it to sit right so later today I shall make new ones from Magic Sculpt, also the right arm and hand still need tweaking to get it to fit the handlebar grip better.
As I say this is going to be an off/on project (probably more off) as I have other stuff to do but it's been fun so far :o)

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