Sunday, 3 May 2015

SS-23; Back to the day job

I've hit a major problem. You may remember I replaced the front windows as the kit ones were crap however it's only at the undercoat stage have I noticed that underneath the left window the beading is missing (it must have been during the window fitting).
Anyway I'm having to think of how to replace it. I've tried fuse wire (it did'nt work) and a thin roll of Milliput but the stuff just did not want to stick SO I'm left with the only choice of having to remove what's left of the beading around the window and try again with fuse wire bent to shape all the way around instead of a section (I've already removed a section on the side).
The more I look the more I see just how crap it looks around all the windows and to be honest I'm rapidly losing interest in the whole project. More later...

Edit; I *may* have found a solution (no not a hammer although it's VERY close), it involves cutting new window frames from sheet styrene, fixing clear styrene behind them then dropping the assembly into the space so yep, you guessed it the windows may be coming out AGAIN!
It's my own fault really as I should have made a better job very early on before I glued the cab onto the hull but still this build is getting on my tits, especially as I've spent near enough 9 hours staring at the damned thing thinking of a solution.

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