Tuesday, 30 August 2016

S-3 Viking update

I finally finished messing about with the cockpit today so after a wash down it will be primed with black then sprayed a light grey and the details painted, THEN I can at last nail the fuselage together.

The boarding steps will be down so this area had some detail added such as the electronics box and fire extinguisher plus a pulley wheel for the step retraction;
The rear cockpit has a couple of ejection seats in there and a representation of the instrument panels where the sensor operators would stationed. You can't see much especially with the tinted canopy but it's there.
The canopy would not fit as the seats were too high but I found that the moulded-on seat belts hanging over the side were getting caught on the centre console and once these were trimmed the canopy fitted once again;

Once the fuselage is together it will feel that I'm actually getting somewhere as it was at this point a few years ago the build was shelved. Still much to do on this one though as the undercarriage bays are missing a lot of detail and a few other areas need some TLC but on the whole it is coming along well.

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