Friday, 18 November 2016

Italeri LMV Lince

Another one from the Shelf-Of-Doom and I've decided to start the weathering. The wiper blades were used to figure out the arc and then masking tape was cut to size;
After much fiddling I eventually put the tape on the windscreen then gave the model a very thinned down spray of Tamiya XF-55 Deck Tan, making sure the vehicle underneath, sides and rear got a good blast and a lighter coat on the top surfaces;
At this point I remembered the tyres but fitting them resulted in me breaking the front wheels off and loosening a rear so before anything else I need to repair it.
A warning here too. I had previously coated the transparencies with Johnsons Kleer and before I painted the model I masked them off with Tamiya tape, however it's been a while since I last touched the model so when lifting the tape yesterday the tape had reacted with the Kleer so remove the tape pretty soon after painting. That and the fact I've managed to break off the wheels has brought the model perilously close to the bin but I shall persevere with it, if anything I can try different weathering mediums on it.

At least the camo scheme has been toned down somewhat!

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