Wednesday, 30 November 2016

S-3 Viking

A bit more progress on the S-3 and this time it's the turn of the air intakes. The kit is pretty naff in this area as the insides of the intakes need building up with Milliput and new fan blades making. I decided to make covers to hide these areas so some Milliput (the white superfine stuff) was rolled out thinly and a narrow strip placed around the circumference of each intake, triangular pieces were put in four places (I used a drawing compass for measuring where they went) then some more Milliput placed over the openings, smoothing it all out with water and a brush.
When dry the Milliput was sanded down then 5amp fuse wire was used to make the triangular fastenings for the covers with 1mm strips of a double layer of masking tape put between the fasteners and covers. For a first attempt at making covers I'm quite pleased with the final result;
The sonobouy tubes were also finished off and this area looks MUCH better now I feel;

Hopefully I can get the build finished soon and be able to get on with painting the model.

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