Thursday, 1 December 2016

S-3 Viking

Wow more progress! Today was spent fitting the engine pods to the wings, spraying the canopy interior with Tamiya X-19 Smoke (the real aircraft had quite a heavy tint) and making better fairings for the windscreen wipers.
The engine pylons had the locating peg cut down substantially as the indents in the Wolfpack wings are very shallow, this applies to the stores pylons too. Also the curve underneath must be shallower than the kit wing as there was a huge gap between the pylon and wing;
To save destroying any surface detail I stuffed Milliput into the gaps;

The Milliput was then smoothed out using a brush and water and left to set;
The windscreen wiper fairings in the kit are a bit of a funny shape and after gluing them to the fuselage forward of the canopy I decided I did'nt like them. I found alternatives in the shape of 1/72 Mk82 bombs from an old Airfix A-7 Corsair that were in the spares box so a flat was filed on one side of two bombs then the noses were cut off and glued into place on the Viking after removing the kit ones;

Far better! New wiper blades will be made from scratch and added after painting. You may notice a hole next to the left fairing and this is for a navigation light that will be glued in after painting.
As I said above the canopy got some extra tint and this will be fitted when I glue in the overhead instrument panel.

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