Saturday, 10 December 2016

S-3 Viking

Time to get this thing nearer the finishing post so the bang seats were fixed into place and the canopy glued on;

The actual fit of the canopy is'nt brilliant and it had a tendency to pull in at the bottom either side so small shims of plastic strip were glued to the cockpit bulkhead and painted in the cockpit colour. The canopy was glued into place using GS Hypo cement (Jewellers use the stuff) as superglue will fog clear transparencies unless coated beforehand with Johnsons Kleer or similar.
By the way the canopy part does actually have a tint but to me it's not dark enough so the inside of the canopy got a coat of Tamiya X-19 Smoke as the tint is pretty strong on the S-3.
Rather than use model filler and creating yet more dust on clean up I used black Milliput for the gaps and smoothed it out with water (this is an old tip by the way and I take no credit for it).
Once dry I maybe able to finally get some paint on it after a clean down. Exciting times! :o)

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