Saturday, 31 December 2016

S-3 Viking and Trumpeter E-50 with Heimdall turret

I'm still not happy with the join at the wing root so I've filled it again;
Instead of using Mr Surfacer 1000 I've gone for the 500 grade stuff as it's thicker so *hopefully* the join will disappear when sanded down.The E-50 has been touched up here and there and I've decided on utilising the old modelling cliche of having rusty metal panels. These will be the four covers over the engine air intakes so I sprayed them black prior to applying various rust colours;
And that is that for another year! I started a few projects but most of them have ended in disaster for one reason or another (Airfix C-47), proved troublesome (Dragon Fokker E.V/ D.VIII) or I just became bored with them and they have ended up on the Shelf-Of-Doom.
I did actually finish two models this year, the Trumpeter E-25 and Revell Leopard I;

At this point I WOULD like to say I won't be buying any more kits as this year alone I received around 30+ for review plus all the ones I bought but you KNOW that will never happen.
Thank you to everybody who has taken an interest in my work and ramblings for the past twelve months, it is very much appreciated that so many people look in and hopefully I've been able to provide some hints and tips to you.
2017 will still see me trying to finish stuff started this year, the E-50, S-3 Viking and Fokker E.V/ D.VIII plus currently being looked at is the Revell 1/32 Hawker Hunter FGA9 and Tamiya 1/32 Mosquito FB VI. Quite where I'm going to store them (if I finish them of course) is anybody's guess but what the hell :o)
Happy new year people!

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