Monday, 2 January 2017

S-3 Viking and E-50 Heimdall

Happy new year people!
First post for 2017 and although I'm still plugging away at the S-3 Viking and E-50 I needed a new chair which will be kinder to my fat arse when spending time at the model bench as I am hoping to get more done this year;

First up is the E-50 as I've been attempting to make the four intake covers look rusty. For this I first sprayed them black then used a mixture of pastel chalks, Mig weathering powder and AK Interactive Rust Streaks to try and create a rust effect;

I'm happy with how they have turned out so I can progress the model to the weathering stage.
The S-3 Viking has given me some grief with that damned wing coming adrift and after two attempts at fixing it and thinking "that will do" it was still bugging me as I could see and feel the join.
Attempt number 3 has finally worked, the joint looks (and feels) much better and definitely 'will do' so I need to mask off the canopy, tail and wingtips as these are painted black on the actual aircraft and get on with painting it;

While reworking the joint I took the opportunity to rescribe some panel lines as I had put that much primer on some of them had flooded with paint.
I have lots of plans, ideas and techniques I want to try this year so hopefully this blog may be a bit more interesting to you lot out there, although of course real-life will probably get in the way at some point.


  1. Both projects coming along nicely ! Your rusty air intake covers REALLY look the part! Great work goin' on here!!