Friday, 17 February 2017

Airfix C-47

As I'm going to paint it (or try to) in a civvy scheme I needed to remove the long air intakes on top of the engine cowlings. Luckily I still had the smaller intakes supplied in the kit in the spares box so after cleaning up the chunks I've taken out of the wing (where the knife slipped) I will fit these.
I'm also hoping that when I spray the model with primer it does'nt lift the paint underneath otherwise this model will definitely be heading for landfill;
By the way this is the scheme I'm planning on doing;
The aircraft is registered as G-AMPY and ended up flying with Air Antlantique, ironically it was built for the USAAF originally before going into civilian service but apparently it is now back in military colours with the number KK116.

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