Tuesday, 21 November 2017

E-75 'Eber' tank destroyer

Some more progress has been made on the model as I've added the kit-supplied etched grenade screens, tools and engine compartment cover. Also to add some interest to the engine deck I cut off the breather pipes that were moulded on and replaced them with styrene rod with the etch bits coming from the Voyager detail set, I also added a couple at the front of the deck.
One problem I had with the resin superstructure was that on one side there was quite a noticeable 'indent' on the edge and even trying to pack it out when gluing the superstructure to the hull didn't make much difference. Although it's a moulding fault I should have inspected the part better before I bought the conversion set as I could have swapped it there and then. Anyway looking at the model it was bugging me;

To hide it I came up with the idea of making a tube for the gun cleaning rods as found on Panthers and Jagdpanthers so I cut some 5mm diameter tube to a length of 58mm, made some end caps and added a handle either end from sheet brass bent to shape;

That hides the defect quite nicely! Here are some more progress shots, I'm waiting on the Hobbyboss King Tiger tracks to arrive so in the meantime I'm doing what I can to the model;

I've added grab handles to the engine bay doors and hatches on the superstructure, the brass tool clamps are from the kit as I couldn't face using the Voyager ones LOL. On my days off I'll make a start on the rear hull.

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