Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Airfix 1/48 P-51D Mustang

After all the issues I had with the model during painting I'm pleased to say that it is now up to the decalling stage as over the past few days I've been masking and painting, followed tonight with a coat of Alclad Aqua gloss;

If I was to do this scheme again I would leave the exhaust stacks off as they made masking tricky for the red and yellow chequers around the nose.
I was very dubious about the handling properties of the Tamiya AS-12 spray paint but I had no issues with paint lifting of the model and it seems to be fairly tough stuff so it bodes well for future natural metal finishes.
Considering that this was a basket-case a few weeks ago and consigned to the Box-of-Shame I'm pleased that I've actually got it this far, with a bit of luck I might actually finish it.

Edit; I had two decals left to place on the model when this happened;

The decal just broke into pieces after I got it out of the water! What's more annoying is that although I have replacement decals in stock, NONE are the grey type of insignia as depicted on the aircraft I wish to build.
The decals I'm using are from an EagleCals set and they are one of the best aftermarket decal companies out there so I'm very surprised this has happened, anyway I've found a Microscale Mustang insignia and stencil decal sheet that features the grey stars and bars so I'll have to wait for this to arrive. Bugger!
Stupid bloody hobby.....

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