Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Dragon Fokker E.V/D.VIII continued

I still have'nt stuck any parts together as I wanted to get the struts right as if I could'nt then it would be another project shelved, luckily I managed to get them looking much better. I was going to use aerofoil section styrene strip but after looking at the results from my first attempt it was much too thick so I stripped the plastic off the etch and tried again with Evergreen flat styrene strip;
It was superglued to the etch then sanded to try and get an aerofoil section and although you can't really tell in this next picture it has worked out better;
Now that I've done this bit I can actually start the model properly but only when the Uschi Van Der Rosten wood grain decal sheet turns up as this will be needed for the cockpit interior. I've decided on the final colour scheme and it's this one;
This machine was flown by Offz. Stv (Offizierstellvertreter) Friedrich Altemeier (1886-1968) of Jasta 24 as I quite like the black and white circles and white trim. I was scratching my head about how to do those circles on the fuselage and the Fokker serial number and letters but luckily I have found an out-of-print decal sheet by Aeromaster so that's on the way from Canada. One thing about this Dragon kit is that there are NO serials or lettering on the decal sheet however it is likely to be unusable anyway due to the length of time I've had it in the stash and it's showing signs of splitting.

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