Friday, 29 April 2016

Revell Leopard I update

Now that the build review has been sent off to be published I went back to this model as I had a few little bits still to do to improve it. One of the best improvements came from Leopard Club and that's for the four sealing plugs that are always missed on Leopards. To be fair Revell DID mould two of them onto the upper hull (along with moulded on chain) but you still need two for the gun mantlet;

Also there are two bars on the rear turret basket that need to be added and this was done with 0.75mm Evergreen styrene rod;

 The biggest problem is with the tracks due to the mould-pin marks and I WAS going to throw them away and replace them with resin ones, however having had another look I decided to see if I could do anything with the tracks.
One problem is that they are slightly too long so I chopped out two links and rejoined them with staples (just like the old days of modeling) and this improved the track tension no end. The pin marks and staples were then filled in with superglue and when set sanded down and to me they look much better, especially as the weathering will cover a multitude of sins;

I do have another update set from Leopard Club for this kit but I'll use that for a future Leopard build plus the set of mantlet plugs I have here too.

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