Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Fokker E.V/ D.VIII

I masked off the wing last night so that I could spray the white band around the leading and trailing edges and wing tips. I had a sneaking suspicion that all would not be well as even after a month or so the varnish was still susceptible to finger prints, anyway after spraying the white I removed the masking tape;

Unfortunately the masking tape pulled up the wood grain decal underneath the paint....BUGGER!!!
This means I now have to strip the wing entirely and start again from scratch.
Analysing it now the first mistake was to use Johnsons Kleer as a way of getting the decals to stick. Secondly the use of Winsor and Newton gloss varnish over the top of the paint as I should have known the stuff stays tacky forever.
So I'll strip the wing entirely and recover it with the woodgrain decal, however I'll use an acrylic paint instead of oils for the streaky effect as I can use varnishes that don't take long to dry.
I can't say I'm pissed off as I'm used to making mistakes these days, it's just the time factor and keeping the motivation in projects when things like this happen. Live and learn I s'pose....

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